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Pet Insurance

  • Trusted by pet owners for over 40 years
  • Helping millions of pets through illness and injury
  • UK’s #1 pet insurer so you know you’re in really good hands

Why Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Owning a pet can be fun and rewarding but if your pet suffers an unexpected illness or injury it can also be expensive. With the average costs of sets of X-Rays at £220 and sets of MRI scans costing £1,400, it’s easy to see how quickly just the diagnostic costs can mount up. And with the ongoing cost of veterinary treatment potentially running into hundreds or even thousands of pounds each year, pet insurance can provide a safety net, and when needed, allow you to choose the right treatment without worrying about the cost.

Petplan customer Joe shares how an unassuming walk with Sobrino resulted in an emergency trip to the vet.

Over the years Petplan has paid more than £6,800 in claims to help Sobrino stay healthy, allowing Joe to focus on his best friend’s health without worrying about the vet bills. Sobrino & Joe’s story.

Reasons to get pet insurance

Types of Pet Insurance Policy Cover

We offer two types of pet insurance, lifetime and time-limited:

Covered For Life®

Covered for Life
  • Covers your pet for illness or injury year after year so you can continue to claim for a condition as long as your pet needs treatment, provided you renew. your policy without a break in cover
  • We’ll pay up to £4,000 - £12,000 in vet fees each year depending on the level of cover you choose and the species of your pet.

12 month cover

Time Limited
  • Covers new illnesses or injuries for 12 months, following which the condition becomes excluded from the policy.
  • We’ll cover up to £3,000 in vet fees for 12 months from when the illness or injury was first noticed.

Read more about our Covered for Life® & 12 month cover

There are some other types of cover, such as ‘accident only’ which we don’t offer. This is because 90% of the claims we receive are for illness rather than accident. It’s important to understand the different types of policies available for pets and which best meets your needs as well as your pocket.

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What Does Petplan Pet Insurance Cover?

With over 40 years' experience insuring pets we understand the array of health issues that come up, so we've designed our policies to cover a wide range of conditions.

We also believe in transparency so we don't set hidden limits in our vet fees cover. For example, some insurers restrict how much they'll pay per condition, or limit cover available for dental, behavioural or diagnostic tests. For expensive procedures this could leave a claim shortfall in the thousands.

We believe this transparent approach and broad range of cover is just one of the reasons why more customers insure their pet with Petplan than any other provider.


Guide to the cover we provide:

  • Treatment for accidents and illnesses
  • Alternative therapies if recommended by a vet
  • Non routine dental treatments
  • Prescription medication
  • Advertising and reward costs for lost pets

  • Routine check ups
  • Preventative treatments
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Pregnancy and breeding
  • Any illnesses in the first 14 days

Pet Insurance: What You Need to Know

Excesses and premiums. Lifetime versus Time Limited cover. Buying insurance can all get a bit confusing. Here are some helpful definitions and if you need more, we’ve got our A-Z glossary to help you navigate everything you need to know about caring for your furry friend.

Different Types of Pet Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Our Customers Say


Mrs. Green & Maisie

October 2019

I am so glad I insured Masie with Petplan. I really didn't expect her to get ill, but now she has developed heart problems and needs medication. I don't know how I would have managed her care without Petplan. They have been very good and pay out promptly for the vet bills so that we can give our dog the best care and treatment that she deserves.

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Find out more about our Defaqto 5 star rated products, providing amongst the highest quality pet insurance policies in the market.

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