Yorkshire Terrier
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Originally bred to catch rats in mills, Yorkshire Terriers have a hunting instinct and are bold, fearless characters. They make great companions for those living alone and good pets for families with older children, as long as kids are taught how to interact with them correctly. They are energetic and enjoy time spent off the lead and playing games.

Size: On average, adult dogs weigh around 3kg and grow to 20-23cm in height.
Coat: Yorkshire Terriers are a longhaired, non-shedding breed. They need grooming every day, even if their coat is cut short.
Exercise: About 30 minutes a day for adult dogs.
Life span: 12+ years. Yorkshire Terriers are one of the longer-living breeds and can live into their late teens.
Breed group: The word terrier comes from ‘terra’, meaning ‘earth’, as these dogs were bred to control rats, pursuing them below ground. They tend to be fun but feisty, and love to chase!
Size 20cm
Coat long
Exercise up to
Life span 12+years

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