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Big, muscular and strong, the Rottweiler is loyal and has a natural guarding instinct. They need human contact, good training and firm, consistent handling from birth – they must always know who’s boss. Rottweilers also need a large amount of space and exercise – they are playful and enjoy chasing games.

Size: Large, 54cm – 70cm
Coat: Short, thick and prone to shedding, needs to be groomed once a week.
Exercise: 2+ hours a day for adult dogs, with plenty of opportunity to run free.
Life span: 8-10+ years
Breed group: Working breeds were developed to perform tasks such as guarding and rescuing. They are physically and mentally tough, but require careful training to respect their owner as ‘pack leader’.
Size 54cm
Coat short
Exercise 2hrs plus Life span 8-10+years

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