How To Toilet Train A Puppy

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There are some classic signs of a dog suggesting that it might need to go to the garden, particularly sniffing the floor or maybe near the door where the dog would usually go out to the garden.

Accidents in the home

While most dogs will naturally wish to relieve themselves away from home, away from the area that they live and sleep in, it’s common for the dog to have accidents in the home during the first couple of weeks.

Be sure not to punish your dog if it does relieve itself in the home. Don’t make a fuss of it just put the dog to one side, tidy things up and be sure that you’re being consistent in your puppy toilet training.

How to toilet train a puppy

You should begin toilet training your puppy by putting your dog on a lead and taking them outside, accompanying them so that you can help guide their actions.

When you take your dog out through the doorway, it’s also an opportunity for you to put in a ‘sit’ and a ‘wait’ in there to encourage obedience. This helps create a calm dog who is attentive to what you are saying.

You should then take your dog into the garden to a chosen location. Most dogs like to relieve themselves on a bit of grass, but with practice, they become easily accustomed to going on pretty much any surface.

Remember: You can’t make a dog relieve itself on a set basis so be patient and wait a few minutes

You can encourage your dog to relieve itself by introducing a word such as ‘hurry up’ or ‘be clean’, but be sure to always keep a consistent and calm voice.

Once your dog eventually goes to the toilet, you should immediately mark that behaviour with a treat in your pocket. By continuously repeating this procedure, it will help your dog get into the simple habit of knowing and understanding what behaviour it is you desire.

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