How to Stop Dog Barking

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Excessive dog barking can seem a difficult problem to solve but we’re on hand with Petplan’s behaviourist, Nick Jones, to help recognise common triggers that may set your dog off.

There are some common triggers for dog barking, we'll look at some of the top reasons and how you can encourage a much calmer and quieter dog.

How to stop a dog barking when left alone

It's best to start with very short periods of time to condition your dog to be left alone. Initially, leave your dog with a toy to distract him and simply step behind a closed door for as little as 10 seconds. Increase the duration slowly and work your way up to leaving the house for short periods of time. Eventually, you should be able to leave your dog alone knowing that they’re not barking due to anxiety.

How to stop an overexcited dog barking

If your dog barks from becoming overexcited in and around the home, ensuring he gets enough exercise and mental stimulation is essential. Otherwise, you will have a dog seeking to burn off excess energy in and around the home.

How to stop a dog barking at visitors

Dogs often bark when there is someone at the door. A good technique to keep your dog calm is to walk your dog to the door on a lead. This gives you time to invite your guests in while maintaining calm control over your dog. If necessary lead your dog out of the room until he calms down and start again.

Make your dog familiar with the "Quiet" command or a similar command and reward your dog promptly when he exhibits the desired behaviour. By rewarding the behaviour you do want and discouraging noisy barking you will soon have a much quieter and calmer household.

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