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How to Make Your Dog Happy

How to Make Your Dog Happy
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How to Make Your Dog Happy

Making sure your dog is happy and healthy is one of the most important parts of being a responsible pet owner – and we’re here to show you how easy it can be to keep your furry friend feeling paw-sitive. Whether it’s a little more snuggle time on the sofa or switching up their walking routine, keeping your dog happy is all about giving them lots of love, care and attention. Different breeds will have different needs, although some things are practically guaranteed to put a smile on your pooch’s face. Here are our proven tips for ensuring your dog stays relaxed and happy...

1. Give verbal and physical praise

Maintaining a positive relationship with your dog is key to their happiness, and praise – both verbal and physical – is one of the best ways to show just how much you appreciate them. It means telling your dog how good they are and petting them; they don’t have to be doing anything particularly well, as long as they know you’re there and being supportive. Giving praise for even a few minutes will make them feel comfortable, safe and loved.

2. Rotate toys

Like humans, dogs respond well to variety and excitement. As such, it’s a very good idea to put their toys on rotation. Whether you have a handful lying around or a lot scattered throughout the house, changing up your dog’s toys every so often is great for keeping them entertained and, above all, happy. Rest assured, you don’t need to be continuously buying new items; regular rotational substitutions are normally enough to stop boredom setting in.

3. Go on plenty of walks

Walks are not only good for your dog’s physical health but also their emotional wellbeing. These fun and healthy outings allow your animal friend to experience new things, get excited and sometimes meet new people. Also, they provide peaceful quality time perfect for bonding with your pooch. No point in being stuck indoors when you could have fun outside with them! But remember to switch up the route now and again to keep this precious “together time” interesting and energising.

4. Play indoor games

When the weather outside turns frightful, playtime with your dog is bound to be affected. However, this is when your creativity can really bloom, with the opportunity for fun, pet-friendly indoor games being ideal. Engaging in straightforward activities such as hide and seek is almost certainly guaranteed to make your dog happy. Have them stay while you pick a good hiding spot. And remember to praise them when they find you!

5. Leave windows open

While we can’t spend all day throwing frisbees and doling out belly rubs to our canine companions – we would if we could! – it’s still crucial that they stay stimulated. So, don’t be afraid to leave the windows open when you are at home, which will help keep their sight, hearing and sense of smell engaged. Of course, this is only advisable if the weather is clement and you have secure screens to prevent your dog from jumping out.

6. Try new treats

Knowing what treats to give your dog has a direct bearing on their happiness levels, and it’s a good idea to change up their treat offering occasionally. If you’re feeling especially inventive, you could use this opportunity to whip up some truly delicious DIY doggy snacks your canine companion will adore. Incorporate items they enjoy but remember not to overfeed or deviate from their regular diet too much, lest it causes an upset stomach.

7. Teach new tricks

There’s always room for learning in your dog’s life and teaching them a new trick or two is another great way to ensure they stay happy. They don’t need to be obedience or agility champions; if the enthusiasm is there, training can take place. And don’t be fooled by the old saying, old dogs can learn new tricks, so involve your senior in whatever fresh activities you have in mind.

8. Make bathtime fun

Believe it or not, bathtime can make your dog very happy indeed. Regular baths will keep them feeling fresh and clean, and while your dog probably doesn’t need one every week, it should be a fun experience for you both. Try praising and talking to them during bathtime, as well as throwing a few toys into the mix for added entertainment. The more engaged your dog is with the fun side of having a bath, the happier they’ll be whenever bathtime comes around.

9. Stick to a routine

It’s one thing making a few positive changes for your dog day-to-day, but another to overhaul their entire routine. Dogs are creatures of habit and need the security and reliability of a structured life. Which is why sticking to a routine is key to keeping them happy. Allocate certain hours to specific tasks and we’re confident your dog will love it.

10. Look after yourself

Perhaps one of the often-overlooked means of making your dog happy is taking good care of yourself. If you’re stressed or tired, your dog can also react to that. The result: unhappy pet and an unhappy owner. Although it’s vital that your dog’s needs are met, your own wellbeing is just as important. A little self-TLC can make a world of difference to your dog’s happiness as well as your own. There are always new ways to make your dog’s life more enjoyable but it can sometimes be difficult to dedicate time to thinking about their emotional needs in our busy lifestyles. , Your dog’s happiness is important – make sure that you are doing everything you can to help them live to the fullest! As well as keeping your dog happy, you should ensure that they have access to the best care possible when needed. Check out Petplan’s dog insurance page to see how we can help protect your furry friend. Do you have any other tips on how to make your dog happy? Let us know in the comments below...

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