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Why it’s important to get pet insurance for your dog?

Pet insurance can often be the last thing on your mind when you bring home your new companion for the first time but accidents and illnesses are all too common. As with other types of insurance, pet insurance is there to cover you if something unexpected happens so you can be sure your pet gets the right treatment without you worrying about the cost.

We’ve been insuring pets for over 40 years and according to our research, more people claim against their dog insurance policy than on their household or car insurance. This goes to show how essential it is to make sure you get the best dog insurance possible by doing your research and reading the Terms and Conditions so you know what your pet is covered for.

Avoid those unexpected vet bills

Perhaps they scoffed a bar of chocolate while no one was looking or took a game of catch a bit too far – our loveable dogs are always getting into mischief. In fact, 90% of our claims are for unanticipated illnesses. A surprise trip can be expensive, but Petplan’s dog insurance means you could be covered for those unavoidable mishaps – and we can even pay the vet directly.

Our dog insurance policies will cover vet costs from £3,000 to £12,000 per year depending on the type of plan you choose. The excess you’ll be asked to pay for an injury or other issues, such as arthritis, can vary depending on your policy and age of your pet, as well as if you’re claiming for veterinary fees or complementary treatment. If your dog ends up causing any serious damage to something, don’t worry, our policies offer legal costs and expenses up to £3 million – again depending on your plan.

Find the right plan for you

Spread the cost

Because we know how expensive it can be to own a dog responsibly, we want to help you avoid unexpected costs. You can choose to pay for your pet insurance in one yearly instalment, or spread the payments across the year paying by Direct Debit at no extra cost.

Protect against chronic conditions

Your dog can have an accident or become ill at any age and some will develop conditions like arthritis or diabetes that need continuing care and medication. Like most pet insurers, we don’t cover you for pre-existing conditions, but our Covered For Life® policy does provide ongoing cover for any new illnesses your dog may develop whilst insured – even long-term, chronic or reoccurring illnesses.

Keeping a close eye on your dog’s health can help you avoid potentially chronic conditions worsening, or even developing in the first place. Discover more about your dog’s health within our pet advice area and read our handy guide to understanding your dog’s health, including tips on smells, diet and exercise.

Know your breed

Some dog breeds are more at risk of developing certain problems than others. You might love the signature waddle of a Miniature Dachshund or the silky soft ears of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but it’s important to find out what your beloved dog is prone to with our breed information. You can then make sure you have the right level of insurance cover in place should they fall ill.

Is pet insurance worth it for dogs?

Researching and choosing the best dog insurance for your pooch can take the stress out of planning for your dog’s health care. It can be difficult to estimate the costs of vet bills if something unexpected happens, particularly as your dog ages when illnesses often become more common.

Paying for issues as they arise without insurance (known as self-insuring) might be tempting as you won’t have any monthly or yearly payments to make, but you never know when something might happen. A sudden accident or discovery of a chronic illness could come as a big shock to you emotionally and financially. With a Petplan insurance policy, you can be confident your dog is protected if something unexpected happens.

If you’re thinking about senior dog insurance, it’s worth remembering that our Covered For Life® plans must be taken out before your dog’s 8th birthday or their 5th birthday for certain breeds.

Find out more

All our policies are subject to terms and conditions, so please read these carefully to understand what you are covered for.

Every pet deserves Petplan

We are pet specialists and have an unrivalled knowledge of pet health unlike many other insurers. That's why we've designed our policies to cover as many conditions as possible, and are able to pay 97% of all the claims we receive.

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