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Common exclusions when taking out pet insurance

While Petplan pays 97% of the claims we receive, there are some things we just can’t cover your pet for. It’s important you choose which plan suits you best so you know what you’re covered for.

What isn’t included in Petplan pet insurance

1. Excess

Excess is an amount that you will always need to pay when you make a claim, whether it’s for vet fees, complementary treatments or third party liability. We’ll simply take the amount off your claim settlement. This amount varies depending on which plan you’re with, the age of your pet and what benefit you’re claiming under.

2. Routine treatments for dogs and cats

Taking care of your pet day-to-day isn’t included in your cover. For example, you’ll need to have your pet’s teeth examined once a year by a vet, keep on top of worming and flea treatments and ensure they have a secure and safe place to live.

3. Vaccinations

As part of looking after your pet, you’ll need to make sure they’ve had their vaccinations. For dogs this means getting injections from the vet for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus. And for cats – feline infectious enteritis, feline leukaemia and cat flu. Rabbits will need vaccinations against myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease, which can be given to rabbits when they are five weeks old.

4. Older pets

If your rabbit is over 5 years old, your dog over 8 years old (over 5 years for some breeds) or your cat over 10 years old, then unfortunately, we can’t offer you lifetime insurance for your pet. Our Petplan Essential policy can be used for our older animal loved ones as this covers them for the immediate cost of treatment. We don’t offer this policy for rabbits.

5. Excluded breeds

Some UK-banned dog breeds are not covered by Petplan insurance. These include dogs that must be registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act and pets used for security, guarding, track racing or coursing.

6. Pregnancy and giving birth

Our insurance plans aren’t able to cover injuries, illness, deaths or hospital visits that happen because your pet is pregnant or has given birth. But we do work with breeders to provide pet insurance with immediate cover for puppies and kittens, that breeders are free to issue to owners – please visit Petplan Breeder for more information.

7. Pre-existing illness or injury

If your pet has been injured or has suffered from an illness before you’ve taken out Petplan insurance, we won’t be able to provide cover for that particular condition. But with our Covered For Life® policies, if your pet gets a new illness or injury after you’ve taken out a policy, then we’ll provide cover for that for the rest of his or her life as long as the policy is renewed each policy year.

8. Euthanasia

We’re afraid we don’t cover any costs related to putting your pet to sleep.

What we can cover

1. Vet’s bills

Each of our policies covers you for visits to the vet for illness or injury. You can find out more about the different amount you can claim for by reading about our different policies.

2. Third party liability insurance

Our dog insurance policies cover you for Third Party Liability, this benefit can cover you for any injuries or damages your dog might cause when you’ve taken all the steps you can to control them. We’ll pay compensation and costs and expenses, but you should check your Terms and Conditions for full details.

Third Party Liability Insurance

3. Purchase price

In the sad event that your pet gets lost or stolen, we’ll pay you the amount on your receipt or rehoming document – or the market price if you didn’t pay for your pet. Depending on the kind of policy you have, you may also be able to claim the purchase price of your pet if they die.

4. Hospital visits

If your beloved pet needs to stay in the hospital while they recover from an illness, we’ll cover the cost of their overnight fees up to the amount specified in your Certificate of Insurance.

5. Death from illness or injury

On certain policies, as long as your pet is in the UK when the moment comes, we’ll pay the price you paid for your pet if he or she dies from an illness or injury. You might also be wondering, does pet insurance cover cremation? We’re afraid our policies don’t cover cremation or burial.

6. Theft or loss

Plenty of pets are escape artists who run away from time to time. If your pet strays or is stolen within the UK or the EU, we’ll pay for the cost of advertising and cover the reward you’ve offered to get your pet back. If your pet is lost or stolen outside the UK, we’ll also pay for the cost of your accommodation to stay and look for him or her (in EU countries only) if you haven’t found them by the time you’re meant to go home. Please check your Certificates of Insurance for detailed information.

7. Complementary treatment

Sometimes your vet may recommend an alternative treatment such as herbal medicine or homeopathy. There’s a wide range of complementary treatments available for cats, dogs and even rabbits! Our policies cover you for acupuncture and up to 10 sessions of therapies such as hydrotherapy for each injury and illness, if it’s been recommended by a vet.

All our policies are subject to terms and conditions, so please read these carefully to understand what you are covered for.

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